Haringey Entrepreneurship Bursary Programme

The Haringey Bursary Programme comprised a 15- week entrepreneurial learning journey designed to help current and aspiring entrepreneurs to expand their ideas and businesses by immersing them in practice-based intensive workshops and business challenges.

Funded by the Mayor of London and delivered by the Professional Practice in Entrepreneurship (PPE) team within the Westminster Business School, the Haringey Entrepreneurship Bursary Programme is a pilot 15-week entrepreneurial scheme designed to help contribute to local community regeneration within the London Borough of Haringey by strengthening the resilience of local entrepreneurs.

Through weekly focused sessions aimed at developing key skills such as problem solving, pitching, sales and networking, in addition to the provision of tailored advice which can be integrated into their businesses in real time, current and aspiring entrepreneurs are supported to expand their visions and businesses. This often includes working to build up participants confidence levels and facilitating shifts in their thinking to open them up to new ways of analysing, creating and evaluating opportunities.

In addition to our learning by doing philosophy, our approach fosters a culture of team learning, whereby each member becomes an active participant in the learning process and shares their knowledge and expertise with the group. This contributes to a shift in practice from one based upon competition to that of collaboration, building a local business ecosystem in which entrepreneurs are able to collectively thrive and nourish the local entrepreneurial landscape.

The outcome of this approach is reflected not only in the progress made by individuals towards their business goals, which is discussed throughout this report, but also in the changes which have occured to the entrepreneur’s perceptions of their roles within the community. No longer thinking in terms of the ‘lone wolf’ paradigm, the programme has opened up the possibility for participants to envisage their interconnectivity with other entrepreneurs and their impact within the wider community.


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