Erika Macias

Erika is a Research Assistant with the University of Westminster, guiding students in projects carried out on the BA Entrepreneurship course. Her role in the PPE team is to support the Project Coordinator, as well as conducting research for the development of projects in the near future.  Erika is an experienced professional in project management and team leadership, specialising in project development for tech startups.

She holds a LEINN (Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation) degree from Mondragon University, which trains students to develop their capabilities to create new companies or new projects within new companies. Erika has carried out projects in the USA, China, India and Finland, and developed businesses in the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Latin America while working with an influencer marketing startup.

Meet Supin Hussain at events:

Entrepreneurial Business Challenge – December 2017

Westminster Let’s Start Up and Pop Up Festival – April 2018

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