24th April

Marylebone Entrepreneurial Club

Dennis G. Lucan and Slava Baranosvkiy found the Marylebone Entrepreneurial Club in the heart of Westminster

Slava Baranosvkiy and Dennis G. Lucan graduated in 2016 and 2017 having studied MA International Business and BM Business Management (Entrepreneurship). They are two entrepreneurs, founders of Eligent and DGL Group that met during their studies at the University of Westminster and decided to at the end of 2017 to run a series of events and talks, addressing common difficulties in the entrepreneurial world such as: "How to build a tech startup from concept to market" and "How to find a co-funder".

They have succesfully run more than 10 workshops and 5 entrepreneurial breakfasts, engaging 300+ business owners and potential entrepreneurs accross London. 

The Marylebone Entrepreneurial Club is a community of support and growth where entrepreneurs meet likeminded individuals and learn from each other's experiences. The club acts as a bridge between startups and investors, offering their members guidance in terms of business structure, tech development, marketing strategy and execution.

If you are looking to bring your business to the next level and become part of a community of growth, please submit a form from following this link and join them for the official club launch on Saturday 28th April 7pm.

Slava Baranovskiy is a creative entrepreneur, tech startup founders, film directos/producer and Entrepreneur in Residence of Westminster Business chool with a strong business and tech background. Read more about him on his website

Dennis G. Lucan is an awarded entrepreneur in national and international business competitions, business consultant with experience in marketing, growth, project management and corporate communications. He created and impremented the marketing strategy that opened the Sir Simon Milton Westminster UTC in 2017. Read more about him in his website

If you would like to read more about the Marylebone Entrepreneurial Club, check out their website:

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