1st March

Learning through teamwork

From my 2 years’ experience in BA Entrepreneurship, team members are everything, in my opinion having the best suited people surrounding you should inspire, support, and enable you to develop your company to the next phase.

In Team Future, we have a diverse amount of talents, from singer, dancers to technological knowhow (this is very important), however, this is over shadowed by their personalities, their past experiences and their vision of the future.

No matter how I see it, the team that we have has a VERY BIG cloud riding over it. This is because there is no commitment from team members, no interest and there is no chemistry between the team members beyond the social aspect of this context.

In our case we have BIG personalities and EGO’s with their own mental prison of their own architectural experience that has laid the foundation for their frame of mind, but the most difficult part of this course is looking inside yourself and finding the small faults as you go along, finding them and trying your absolute genuine hardest to challenge your beliefs to become a better analytical and evaluative self then this is going to be the biggest uphill struggle, if you find yourself saying “you should have sent me the work” “they don’t want to work” and general blame game, victimising yourself, strategy then you have to take two steps back and self-evaluate your contribution.



What will the team be committed to? It starts here and now! 🙈