14th May

Haringey Entrepreneurship Bursary Programme Graduation Ceremony

Westminster Business School, London, 30th May 2018: Participants of the Haringey Entrepreneurship Bursary Pilot Programme will officially graduate after completing the 5-months immersive entrepreneurial scheme, launched by Westminster Business School in partnership with Haringey Borough Council and funded by the Mayor of London. 

Starting in January 2018, eighteen carefully-selected local business owners / entrepreneurs, including a honey manufacturer, two fashion designers, a beer producer, a business marketing executive and a horticulturist, have attended weekly workshops and business mentoring sessions and have faced three unique business challenges within the framework of the programme. 

The scheme, run by Dr Jane Chang, Dr Ainurul Rosli, Nelia Koroleva and Supin Hussain from the Westminster Business School, aimed not only to bring together and empower local entrepreneurs, but to boost the local economy by increasing work opportunities and income in the region. 

Throughout the course, participants were exposed to a real-life entrepreneurial context in order to build a set of key entrepreneurial skills such as critical thinking, effective and creative problem solving, engaging teamwork and persuasive pitching via a series of activities. By providing them with the necessary mental space, the programme helped attendees contextualise and validate their business ideas, improve their confidence in doing business and develop and maintain a sustainable ecosystem of entrepreneur

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