Community development
Shaping new breed of entrepreneurs, that empathise with the need of the community
Professional practice
in Entrepreneurship
This initiative aims to create a standard practice to be used as a benchmark to ensure that all aspects of entrepreneurial development are achieved in our programmes.
We provide an integrated platform for the
Practice in Entrepreneurship Programme
This initiative aims to create a standard practice to be used as a benchmark to ensure that all aspects of entrepreneurial development are achieved in our programmes.
We won £45K to support
social innovation project
The PPE team won the British Council grant to work with University of Malaysia Sabah on developing resilience of social enterprise.
"The study of entrepreneurship has supported my start up  Ileague Education Management Private Limited to educate girls from poorer families in India  and the practice of entrepreneurship has built my confidence as an entrepreneur to create jobs." 
Rhagav Vassal, Entrepreneur, Graduate of 2016
"The entrepreneurship pathway introduced me to a new level in business, spiced up with uncertainty and risks, making me step out of my comfort zone and grow. The lessons learned through success and failure developed a deeper understanding of my own powers and limitations, stretching my thinking and imagination in coming up with simple solutions to complicated problems." 
Dennis Lucan, First class BABM Entrepreneurship 2017
"The reason I 100% went for it was because I see myself as entrepreneurial and the course description perfectly matched what I was going for. I realised that although I’m super creative, there were other skills that I didn’t have, and Westminster offered me an opportunity to develop these." 
Pascal Sabatnig, 2nd class upper 2017
"I started my time at Westminster by studying a general Business Management degree and then after being introduced to the Developing Practical Entrepreneurial Ideas module, I started to get a feel for entrepreneurship and thought that this is something I’d like to do. I began to develop the mindset and the confidence of an entrepreneur and build my leadership and teamwork skills." 
Panthea Kaviani, First class 2016
"I can’t say that it turned me into a better person, but I can say that I acquired many strengths and technics that made my personality as an entrepreneur. It might have changed something as a human being I have to say that I care more about people now!" 
Andrea Tassistro, first class BABM Entrepreneurship graduate 2015,
now - Serial entrepreneur for Lets brunch and Food detective

"During my career I developed, promoted and managed a wide variety of small, medium and large-scale events and projects for businesses, public and non-profit organisations. I have strong entrepreneurial experience through open and run my own project management company" 
Jane Sacco, First Class 2014
"When choosing which university to attend, Westminster Business School was a very easy choice. I wanted to study Entrepreneurship and Westminster had one of the best courses of its kind in the Country. The course began with a law module around the start up of the business, which helped in the legal aspects and all the necessary protocol. " 
Sarah Yull, Watkinson First class 2013, Founder of Yull shoes
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